5-skein Mystery Mini Set!

5-skein Mystery Mini Set!

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5-skein Mystery Mini Set includes:

5(!!) different 20g tonal mini skeins - perfect for scrappy sweaters, socks, etc.!

this round of minis includes a lot of jewel and rich autumnal tones!

All minis are on our Denali Sock base
80% Superwash Merino 20% nylon * 80 yards/20g

Care: hand wash / dry flat

Note: all yarn is dyed in fairly small batches - meaning that each skein, while using the same 'dye recipe', will be slightly unique due to the nature of my dyeing process. additionally, while I do my best to make sure the photo matches the actual skeins, color may vary slightly from screen to screen (phone, computer. etc.)

PS leave a note in the comment section of you have color preferences and I’ll try my best to match them !