Slug Club

Slug Club

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I am so excited to bring a little extra magic to the Harry Potter Yarn Club! Harry Potter, for many of us, is something that accompanied us through childhood and continues to keep the magic alive for us into adulthood. I have so many fond memories of reading the books and watching the movies (over and over again) so I hope you all love this wizarding world adventure as much as I do!

The initial colorway that I dyed for HP book 6 and shortly after changed my mind about was too good not to offer to all of you. Although it wasn't what I imagined exactly for book 6, it's a jollier version of the final colorway and brings me joy thinking of the funnier moments in book 6. Hence the name, Slug Club. 

There are limited skeins available, so grab one while you can!  

IMPORTANT NOTE: these skeins are ready to ship, so they'll head out the door 2-4 days after you place your order!