we are currently dyeing the Ireland Collection preorder! check back soon for updates on in-stock releases and more!


✨ EKF Favorites 🧶

release date: Sunday, January 9th at 7pm MST

turnaround time: your order will ship in 10-12 weeks (March 20th-April 3rd) after you placed your order 


    • we will combine orders if you place more than one during the preorder - this is automatic so no need to email us asking us to do so
    • all shipping overages over $5 will be refunded
    • we ship orders as they become ready, so depending on what you order and when we dye it, you could get it well before the 8-12 week turnaround time
    • if you need to change your shipping address, email us at explorerknits@gmail.com 

        all dyed-to-order (preorder) sales are final.  

        COLORWAYS DYED SO FAR (as of 3/15):

        1. Moonstone
        2. Nightfall
        3. Dusk
        4. Linen
        5. Barrel Aged Sour
        6. Untamed
        7. Karma Chameleon
        8. Daybreak
        9. Docile
        10. Desert Bloom
        11. Lunar Light
        12. To the Stars Who Listen
        13. Timber
        14. Lone Wolf
        15. Woodland
        16. Elderberry
        17. Juniper Berry
        18. Pollen

        UP NEXT:

        • Death Valley National Park
        • Acadia National Park