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General Info

Release Date: 
Sunday, January 28th at 7pm Mountain Time
Turnaround Time: 
Your order will ship in 12-18 weeks (April 21st-June 2nd) after you placed your order! however, it is important to note that this is the absolute latest that your order will ship. we start shipping preorder yarn about 4 weeks into dyeing so we're able to keep yarn moving out of the studio as we go, making it more likely that you receive your yarn in a shorter turnaround timeframe.
    we automatically combine orders if you place more than one during the preorder - this is automatic so no need to email us asking us to do so
      all shipping overages over $5 will be refunded
        we ship orders as they become ready, so depending on what you order and when we dye it, you could get it well before the 12-18 week turnaround time
          if you need to change your shipping address, you must email our shipping manager, Rachel, at so we can update it in our shipping system!
                Love Tax: 
                If you qualify for and would like to use the love tax discount, you will enter the phrase 'LOVE TAX' in the order notes box when placing your order. Please note that you should not enter this in the discount code/gift card box, but the order note box. This is a manual discount code we're attempting to ease the discount application process on our end!
                After we close the preorder, we will sort through all orders with 'LOVE TAX' notes in them and issue a refund back to you that reflects the 10% off discount!
                As a reminder, our Love Tax discount is 10% off purchases of 7 or more skeins of the same colorway on the same base.
                Bases offered: 

                Suri Alpaca ($29): our 74% Baby Suri Alpaca 26% Mulberry silk lace base, 328 yards/50g

                Cashmere Caverns Sock ($30): our 80% Superwash Merino 10% Nylon 10% Cashmere sock base, 4-ply, 435 yards/100g

                Denali Sock ($29): our 80% Superwash Merino 20% Nylon sock base with a 2-ply twist, 400 yards/100g

                Earthy Sock ($30): our 100% Non-Superwash Merino, 4-ply, 436 yards/100g

                Tweed Sock ($29): our 85% Superwash Merino 15% Donegal Nep sock base with a 2-ply twist, 438 yards/100g 

                Rockies DK ($29): our 100% Superwash Merino DK base with an 8-ply twist, 274 yards/100g 

                Cashmere DK ($30): our 80% Superwash Merino 10% Nylon 10% Cashmere DK base, 4-ply, 231 yards/100g 

                Earthy DK ($30): our 100% Non-Superwash Merino, 4-ply, 246 yards/100g, 26 micron

                Bouclé DK ($31*): our 100% Superwash Merino base, single ply, 240 yards/100g 

                Tweed DK ($29): our 85% Superwash Merino 15% Donegal Nep DK base with a 4-ply twist, 231 yards/100g

                Carlsbad Worsted ($29)100% Superwash Merino worsted base with a 4-ply twist, 218 yards/100g

                new base! 50g skein on Denali Sock ($15): 80% Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon sock base with a 2-ply twist, 200 yards/50g


                *updated pricing from January 2024
                Colorways offered: 
                In My Neon Era | BFF4L | Roller Skate Red | Grapefruit
                Tawny | Daybreak | Prowl | Butternut
                Pepperoncini | Lemon Drop | Forest Floor | Muckross
                Fir | Crocodile Rock | Freezie Pop | Spindrift
                To the Stars Who Listen | Tide | Avenoir | Drift
                Balsamico | Woodruff | Chinle | Velvet
                Timber | Altostratus | Snout | Linen
                Nutcracker | Wooly
                'Sets' offered:
                sock sets (1 x 100g full skein + 1 x 20g coordinating tonal mini skein all on Denali Sock)
                *note: two different sock sets will be available for all Monochrome Duos, each offering one of the two colors as a main skein and coordinating mini skein
                20g mini skein sets (on Denali Sock and Tweed Sock)
                10-mini skein set, available on our 3 Monochrome Palettes (bright, warm, + cool)
                30-mini skein set, including all colorways in the Monochrome Collection
                50g skein sets (on Denali Sock only) 
                10-skein set, available on our 3 Monochrome Palettes (bright, warm, + cool)
                30-skein set, including all colorways in the Monochrome Collection
                Monochrome Duos sets (available on all bases listed above)
                one skein of each colorway in a Monochrome Duo (e.g. Muckross + Fir) on any of our 11 yarn bases!
                full skein sets (available on all bases listed above)
                10-skein set, available on our 3 Monochrome Palettes (bright, warm, + cool)
                30-skein set, including all colorways in the Monochrome Collection
                All dyed-to-order (preorder) sales are final.  

                Non-Superwash Fun Facts

                New to NSW? No worries! We all know how much I love our superwash bases, but I thought it would be nice for those, like myself, who haven't tried it much before and want to understand some of the interesting facts and benefits of using this base! Here are some below:
                regulates body temperature well (keeping the wearer not too hot/too cold) - hikers often use wool as insulating base layers/socks to keep dry while hiking
                blooms well when blocked and maintains structure, especially in colorwork projects
                moisture wicking/more water resistant than superwash yarns
                more sustainably produced (less resources go into non-superwash yarn processing)
                dye less bright than our superwash yarns, often looking like a desaturated, more blended and less 'solid' version of the colorway

                  Bouclé All Day

                  We are SO excited that you all have been loving our (relatively new) Bouclé DK base! A lot of people are just starting to use bouclé, so we asked our lovely bouclé sample knitter, Megan, for some tips and tricks for your first time working with this yarn:
                  swatching with bouclé yarn is essential - because of its less elastic nature compared to our other DK bases, your non-bouclé DK gauge will likely be much different than your bouclé gauge (our sample knitter knit swatches on US 2-6 to see the fabric the boucle creates on each size for our Port Sweater sample)
                  use markers - bouclé yarn is harder to read so having removable stitch markers for marking increases/decreases, etc. is recommended!
                  test out needle/hook styles - some makers prefer super sharp needles to get into the bouclé stitches easier and others prefer dull needles to prevent snagging the bouclé loops. Our sample knitter recommends trying both if you have the option when swatching!