we are currently dyeing the Ireland Collection preorder! check back soon for updates on in-stock releases and more!

into the wild frequently asked questions:


release date: Sunday, April 25th at 7pm MST

turnaround time: your order will ship 8-12 weeks (June 20th-July 18th) after you placed your order

bases available for all colorways: Suri Alpaca Lace ($29), Denali Sock ($27), Cashmere Sock ($30), Rockies DK ($28), Cashmere DK ($30), Carlsbad Worsted ($27)

price for the different sets: 

  • Sock Sets $35
  • 9-skein mini set (variegated and tonal) $72
  • 18-skein mini set $144
  • 9-skein full sets $243-270 (depending on your yarn base)


  • EKF ships all over the world, aside from the UK for the time being
  • we will combine orders if you place more than one during the preorder - this is automatic so no need to email us asking us to do so
  • all shipping overages over $5 will be refunded
  • we ship orders as they become ready, so depending on what you order and when we dye it, you could get it well before the 8-12 week turnaround time
  • if you need to change your shipping address, email us at explorerknits@gmail.com 


  • we will be offering around 3000-5000 skeins for the Into the Wild preorder - we hope this will be enough so many people will be able to get what they want!  

tips for a quick and successful checkout

  • create an account on the EKF website and enter your shipping address ahead of time
  • log into PayPal/Apple Pay/ShopPay ahead of time and make sure all of your CC info is up to date and ready to go
  • have a plan for what you want to buy, and a back up plan in case what you wanted sells out (hopefully this won't happen but it's possible)!

all dyed-to-order (preorder) sales are final.