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Italy Collection FAQs

Hey everyone! Reshma, of Hello Lavender Design, and I have received tons of questions from all of you that are just as excited about the Italy Collection release as we are! We figured the easiest way to avoid having to answer the same questions over and over again would be to put together a quick FAQ for all things related to the Italy Collection. If you still have a question after checking out these frequently asked ones, send me an email at and I will be delighted to help you out! 


Q: What kind of bundles will there be? Any with markers too?

A: Yes! There will be sock set + stitch marker sets available during the in-stock update and the preorder! Other bundles available will be: The Deluxe Stitch Marker Set (all 10 Italy Designs, no accent markers), 10-mini sets (variegated and tonal options), 20-mini set (all 10 variegated and all 10 tonal colorways), sock sets, variegated + tonal pair sets (e.g. one skein of Cinque Terre and one skein of Azzurro on the base of your choice), full-skein sets (all 10 variegated, all 10 tonals, and 5 skein sets for a more affordable option (important: the 5 skein sets will not have any overlapping colorways).

Q: What are the prices for the different sets?

A: great question!

  • Sock Sets $35
  • Sock Sets + Stitch Marker Set $60 (in stock only)
  • Deluxe Stitch Marker Set $140
  • 10-skein mini set (variegated and tonal) $80
  • 20-skein mini set $160
  • 5-skein full sets $135-150 (depending on your yarn base)
  • 10-skein full sets $270-300 (depending on your yarn base)

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes!

Q: Will you preview the sock sets with the stitch markers?

A: Yes, if I have time on Sunday!

Q: It’s not a club right? The collection will be open to everyone?

A: Correct! It’s not a club and everyone will have a chance to buy on the website!


Q: Will we be able to preorder from this collection?

A: yes, the preorder is on Tuesday, June 23rd at 7pm MT!

Q: Do I need to worry about things selling out fast during the preorder?

A: Short answer: No. I put very high quantities in each listing so everyone has a chance to get what they want. That being said, I can only keep the preorder open as long as I can still meet the 6-8 week turnaround time. For reference, for Harry Potter preorder I could only leave it open for 3 hours (not saying that will happen this time but it is best to snag what you want as soon as the preorder opens just to be safe).

Q: Will there be a certain amount for sale during the pre-order that you’ll allow?

A: Yes and no! I plan to keep the preorder open as long as I can and will still be able to meet the 6-8 week turnaround time!


Q: Are the mini sets mix and match yourself?

A: No! While that would be fun, it would also be a logistical nightmare. There will be a 10 variegated colorway mini set and 10 tonal mini set option and the option to buy all 20, though!

Q: What weights will the yarn be available in?

A: For the ready to ship update: Denali Sock, Cashmere Caverns Sock, and Rockies DK. For the preorder: Suri Alpaca Lace, Denali Sock, Cashmere Caverns Sock, Rockies DK, and Carlsbad Worsted.

Q: Will there be sets of full-skein variegated colorways with their matching tonals?

A: Yes! I’ll refer to that as the Variegated + Tonal Pair Set in the listings!

Q: If you’re doing two 5-full skein sets, will we get all 10 colorways by buying two sets?

A: Yes! There will be no overlap between the two 5-full skein sets (variegated and tonal options). There will be a separate listing for each as well!

Q: Will the solids be included with the variegated in the mini packs?

A: nope! There will be a variegated 10-mini set and a tonal 10-mini set and one entire collection set that includes all 20 minis!

Q: Are there going to be sock sets?

A: yes, there will be sock sets for every Italy collection colorway!

Q: Do you think you’ll repeat the colors sometime? 

A: Yes! I do plan to bring some of the Italy Collection colorways into my normal rotation!

Q: Will you show and tell the color options?

A: if referring to the 5-skein full sets for tonals and variegated, yes!

Q: Would Blood Orange Granita, Parma and Cinque Terre work up decently?

A: Oh my goodness, YES!! Such pretty colors together!


Q: Will we be able to purchase stitch markers separately?

A: Yes! You’ll be able to buy each set of stitch markers separately or with a sock set. 

Q: If we want accent markers, will we have to buy the sets we want individually even though we also want the main set with all the markers without the accents?

A: Yes. If you want the accents they are only available with the regular stitch marker sets which includes the main Italy stitch marker plus 3 solid colored accent markers. Accent markers will not be available separately and the Deluxe set which includes all 10 main markers does not include the accents.