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EK+F Yarn Club Info!

The National Park Yarn Club

all of the details you need to know before committing yourself to receiving some seriously beautiful yarn for the next six months!

So, you may be thinking "why National Parks?" Well, as many of you know, the National Parks have had a huge impact on my life and hold so many meaningful memories and experiences that have shaped me into the person that I am today. Spending days and nights in these parks have made these incredibly beautiful places a retreat for me, filled with challenges, reflection, and renewed hope and positivity. I know that many of you share a similar feeling towards your coveted National Parks trips, which is why I am so excited to reboot the National Park Yarn Club. So, without further ado,

Here's the rundown:

The Yarn:

you will have the option to choose between three yarn bases: Denali Sock, Cashmere Caverns Sock, and Rockies DK. If you want to learn more about each base, you can visit my Yarn Bases page here.

you will receive a BRAND new colorway every month during the National Park Yarn Club. In other words, each month, a new National Park will become the focus and inspiration for a new colorway. Also important to note: as I stated, these will all be new colorways, therefore none of the previously created National Park colorways will be included! You can check to see if your favorite National Park has already been turned into a colorway here

The Listings:

there will be FOUR listing options on April 5th for the yarn club: 

1a + 1b) pay for the six-month NP Yarn Club in full (5% discount). note: if you choose this option, it is non-refundable and cannot be cancelled at any time during the club - INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: there will be a separate listing for you for the pay-in-full option, with shipping already included in the priceYou can distinguish your listing with the 🌎 INTERNATIONAL 🌎 icon on the listing photo and in the listing description. There is only a separate international listing for the paid in full option, you do not need to purchase this if you are wanting to do the month-to-month or one-time only option!!

2) pay month-to-month for the six-month NP Yarn Club (a little more on this - you will be charged at the end of each month and receive your yarn for that particular charge during the third week of the following month, e.g. you will be charged at the end of April for the National Park colorway that you will receive during the third week of May, and so forth). note: you can cancel this subscription or 'skip the month' any time.

3) one-time only option - you should select this listing only if you want the National Park colorway for that given month (e.g. if the National Park for June is Arches National Park and you REALLY want that colorway, you have the option to only purchase the yarn for that month)

The Shipping:

alright, this is the VERY important part! When you purchase the NP Yarn Club, your yarn will ship during the THIRD week of that coming month (purchase in April, you will get your yarn during the third week of April).

Month-to-month subscribers: you will (for example) be charged at the end of April/early May for the yarn you will receive during the third week of May. So, in other words, your charge will precede your yarn arrival by just under a month. Sound good? You may be wondering why I haven't given you specific charge dates and that is for good reason! With the subscription service that I use, I have to choose an increment of days for you to be charged (i.e. charge every ___ days), so the day that you will be charged will vary each month but will always be towards the end of the month. Good? Good!

Pay in full subscribers: when you purchase the six months upfront, you will pay for the shipping upfront as well. So you will be paying shipping for all six shipments upfront. International folks: I realize that the high shipping cost will influence whether or not you have to pay duties on your package. Fear not! I will be adjusting your customs form to reflect the actual cost of the yarn you are receiving (5 oz vs. 30 oz of yarn at a time), so you shouldn't have to worry about paying duties (this is based on experience for the Harry Potter Yarn Club and worked well for all international customers). 

The Pricing:

for one-time only and month-to-month subscribers:

Denali Sock $28 + shipping

Rockies DK $29 + shipping

Cashmere Caverns Sock $31 + shipping (I promise, the softness of this yarn is 100% worth the price)

for pay-in-full subscribers (5% discount):

Denali Sock $159 + shipping

Rockies DK $165 + shipping

Cashmere Caverns Sock $176 + shipping

Miscellaneous Details:

if you sign up for a subscription, you'll need to create an account on the Explorer Knits + Fibers website (click on the little person icon on the top righthand corner of the homepage). This will allow you to save your address, card info, etc. to make your initial checkout experience faster and will allow you to make changes to your payment/address info if it changes during the six-month period!

change of address? no problem! there are two things you need to do to make sure you get your yarn at your new address:

1) change the shipping address on your account, and

2) email me at explorerknits@gmail.com to notify me of the change - this is very important, especially if you move while you already have an outstanding charge, because I will need to manually update the address on your existing order!

each month will include a National Park Postcard, including one of the inspiration photos for that month's colorway + some interesting tidbits about said park on the back! Just a fun little way to remember each park! 


That's all for now! I am so glad that you all are as excited about this club as I am! If you have any additional questions about the National Park Yarn Club, please feel free to email me via the Contact page on our website